Villacañas elders enjoyed their Christmas party

This year, the Teatro Miguel de Cervantes was the venue for a party that included delivery of trophies, dancing and the draw of a basket of Christmas among all partners of the day Center

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Villacañas elders held last Friday its Christmas party. A festival organized by the city that has become the unmissable event of the Christmas programme villacañero. And as it has happened in the musical acts that have been held in the Teatro Municipal Miguel de Cervantes in the last days, a lot of people in the seats to enjoy the prepared performances, as well as delivering trophies and prizes to the winners of the different Christmas Championships that have been held.

In the previous days, elders have played tournaments and games of cards and table and petanque Championships. Similarly, parallel has been organized the 6th literary contest of Christmas short story, aimed at members of the day center to those who like to write. Was awarded a nice story about Christmas written by Perfecto Zaragoza, which had also the opportunity to recite his story on stage

The party was presented by Pilar Fernández Zaragoza and began with the delivery of trophies to the winners of the various Championships and tournaments held, and the prize for the best Christmas story arose that on this occasion eight stories. After the awards was the fun time, with various performances of the Group's largest dance hall and the Group of Flamenco of the Sports Hall activities. The good mood was present during all the Festival, which ended with the draw of a basket of Christmas among all members of the household.

Ganadores Campeonatos de Navidad 2013

Brisca femenino 1. Mª Jesús Trello y Carmen Garzarán 2. Ángela López y Rosa Fernández 3. Juana Mª Bueno y Pilar Gallego

Cinquillo femenino 1. Jacinta Saelices 2. Mª Antonia Carrascosa 3. Gregoria Cruza

Dominó femenino 1. Loren Aparicio 2. Milagros Torremocha 3. Constancia Ramos

Punto seco masculino 1. Manuel Amador y Marcelino Rullo 2. Isidro Castellano y Santiago Mendoza 3. Emilio Vaquero y Félix Pacheco

Tute masculino 1. Ángel Avilés y Lucio Zaragoza 2. Santiago Aranda y Jesús Aranda

Dominó masculino 1. José Mª Gutiérrez y Agustín García 2. Máximo Moreno y Antonio Zaragoza 3. Francisco de la Torre y José Sesmero

Petanca masculino 1. Segundo Rodelgo, Santos López y Victoriano Espada 2. Félix Pacheco, Cándido Corrales e Isidro Torres 3. Fernando Rodríguez, Ángel Gamarro y Pedro Pacheco.

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Villacañas elders enjoyed their Christmas party 27/12/2013
Villacañas elders enjoyed their Christmas party
Villacañas elders enjoyed their Christmas party
Villacañas elders enjoyed their Christmas party