In Villacañas, children and adults will celebrate the day school of non-violence and peace

It will be next Thursday, January 30th. Schools in several activities to commemorate the anniversary. The platform for peace will run from the Christ to the Plaza of Spain, with the slogan "Give words of peace" the plaza of Spain. The event will conclude with the reading of a manifesto

Villacañas Digital | Villacañas 28/01/2014 | News in Spanish

The platform for the peace of Villacañas, belonging to various associations and groups of the village, as well as individuals, organised a March to commemorate the day school of non-violence and peace being held on Thursday, January 30. The event will begin in the Christ at seven in the afternoon. From there, participants will go to the Plaza of Spain. At the plaza all participants may exchanged messages of peace issued previously. Is why the Act bears motto gives words of peace. Also in the square will be the reading of the manifesto by the platform on the occasion of this day.

In addition, on the occasion of this day, schools will also carry out their activities. Thus, CP Santa Barbara will celebrate the day of peace with a string of children that will unite the two centers of this school, the Santa Barbara building and building Cáceres. Two chains will depart from these two buildings through various streets of the municipality end joining to form a human chain. This activity has coordinated with the Department of security of the Town Hall since it will affect between 10 and 11 o'clock in the morning to traffic in some streets and roads that pass through this chain.

The school day of non-violence and peace (DENIP) was declared for the first time in 1964. It comes from a pioneering initiative, non-governmental, independent, and volunteer education non-violent and pacifying of the Spanish teacher Llorenç Vidal. Its objective is the education in and for tolerance, solidarity, harmony, respect for human rights, non-violence and peace. On this day, the schools and centres become instruments of peace and understanding between people of different backgrounds, race, culture and religion.
The basic message of this day is: ' universal love, non-violence and peace. Universal love is better than egoism, non-violence it is best that violence and peace is better than war-war '.

The DENIP was recognized by the Ministry of education and science, through the Ministerial order of November 29, 1976

January 30 is commemorated in addition the death of national and spiritual leader of India, Mahatma Gandhi, on January 30, 1948, shot dead by a Hindu fanatic.

Gandhi was born in Porbandar, India, in 1869, and after graduating in law in England, settled in South Africa and fought there against the discrimination that Indians were object. Returning to the India organized non-violent resistance (its philosophy, religious background, was fundamental principle non-violence) against colonialism and non-cooperation with the English administration. He tried to stop clashes between Hindus and Muslims that occurred after the independence in August 1947 (the British colonialists imposed as a condition for withdrawing its troops, the India division into two States, India and Pakistan, one hindu and another Muslim). Imprisoned on numerous occasions, was the leader of a pro-independence movement capable of mobilizing or stop millions of Indians in 1937.

Educational interest of this day

Training for peace, cooperation and solidarity among peoples is among the purposes raised the education system.

This celebration is, therefore, another opportunity to contribute to the centers to become instruments of peace and understanding between people of different backgrounds, race, culture and religion. We must not forget that the school is a reflection of a society that shares flaws, but it also educates for life and seeks to develop in students the capabilities and skills needed for active social participation.

Therefore, it must contribute, through education, to the awareness of all in the construction of a better world, a fairer world and more human which allow all individuals have an equal opportunity to fully develop his powers at the heart of a democratic, free society, fair, with responsibility and in peace.